Video of Bache or Azgar

  • A video of a child playing with a python has gone viral on social media.
  • Python is considered to be the most dangerous creature in the world.
  • People usually try to stay away from pythons due to their dangerous nature.
  • The python can swallow people whole while standing.
  • Even large animals run away from pythons.
  • However, in the viral video, a child fearlessly plays with a python as if it’s a toy.
  • People were shocked and amazed by the child’s lack of fear.
  • The python does not harm the child and they seem to be good friends.
  • The child even holds the python’s mouth and spins it around without any harm.
  • The video has been shared on Instagram and has received millions of views and likes.
  • Some people expressed concern for the child’s safety, while others praised the child’s bravery.

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