Honda bringing Dio Electric Scooter, it will run so many kilometers on one charge.

– Honda Motor Company may launch its new electric scooter soon, following in the footsteps of Yamaha Motor Company and TVS Motor Company.
– Honda will convert its existing fuel-powered scooter, Honda Dio, into an electric transmission.
– The Honda Dio Ev is rumored to be launched in January or February 2024.
– The electric scooter is expected to have a battery capacity of approximately 4.5 kWh.
– It may take around 6.30 to 8 hours to fully charge the battery, with fast charging reducing the time to about 2.30 hours.
– The range of the scooter on a full charge is expected to be around 130 kilometers.
– The Honda Dio Ev is expected to come with features such as a time clock, a digital instrument cluster, a low battery indicator, and a high-speed indicator.
– The price of the Honda Dio Ev is estimated to be around 1.10 lakh rupees.

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