Big Breaking: देश में बड़ा Rail Accident. स्टेशन पर धू धू कर जाली ट्रेन, अब तक कई लोगो के मौत की पुष्टि

तमिलनाडु में ट्रेन दुर्घटना, मदुरै स्टेशन पर एक कोच में लगी भीषण आग. Death toll rises to 8 in sudden fire accident in Madurai railway station. A sudden fire broke out in a train that was stopped at Madurai railway station. 2 killed in fire accident in Lucknow-Rameswaram tourist train. Preliminary investigation revealed that the fire started due to cylinder burst. Firefighters rushed to the spot after receiving the information and are fighting to douse the fire.

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