Advanced features of Yamaha Rx100 reached the showroom before its launch. Now, can’t forget even…

– Yamaha is planning to launch five new models in the sports bike segment in India over the next one to two years.
– The company is also considering launching a limited edition bike called the Yamaha Rx100.
– The Rx100 could make a comeback with new features and specifications.
– Rumors suggest that the new model could have a 350cc engine for more power and torque.
– The Rx100 could include advanced features such as a digital instrument cluster, charging port, navigation, Bluetooth connectivity, and digital clock.
– The price of the bike has not been revealed yet, but it is expected to be slightly higher due to its limited edition status.
– Yamaha’s move comes at a time when companies like Royal Enfield, KTM, and Yezdi are leading the adventure segment in the market.
– The Rx100 could change the game with its off-roading capabilities and advanced features.
– Yamaha aims to cater to the demands of its customers and provide them with a unique riding experience.

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