Taxpayers Alert! Income Tax Department is sending notices in cases up to 15 years old; Know the reason TAXCONCEPT

The Income Tax Department is sending notices to many taxpayers regarding tax payments up to 15 years old. Taxpayers say that these taxes have been paid.

Income Tax Department: A shocking case has come to light from the Income Tax Department. Notice is also being sent for the taxes which have already been paid. Notice has also been issued to the people regarding 15-15 years old tax demand. The Income Tax Department has sent this notice during the last few weeks and has said that this amount should be paid within a week.

Taxpayers say that this tax demand has already been paid and there is no dues of the tax department. According to ET, some of these notices have been sent regarding taxes for assessment years 2003-04 and 2004-05.

Why was the notice sent?

Many taxpayers are troubled by this notice of the Income Tax Department and do not know what to do now, because the challan for the old tax payment has been lost. Whereas some had chosen the option of payment without challan. It has been said in the report that this mistake of the Income Tax Department may be due to the transfer of the department to a new system.

This could also be the reason

According to the ET report, CBDT spokesperson says that it is possible that in this case, refund is due to the taxpayers, but tax is also due during that assessment year. In such a situation, notice is being sent to issue refund to these taxpayers.

It is noteworthy that in the last few years, the Tax Department has made many changes including developing a new portal for issuing payments and refunds. Refunds are being issued for assessment year 2023-24. However, some taxpayers have not received the refund yet and are waiting for the refund.

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