Received Income Tax Notice: Rs 172 crore Deposited in Bank Account! TAXCONCEPT

A surprising case has come to light in Ghazipur, Uttar Pradesh. Income tax payers were shocked to see Rs 172 crore 87 lakh deposited in the account of a vegetable seller.

In fact, seeing billions of rupees in the bank account of the vegetable seller, the Income Tax has sent a notice. In which it was written that you have not paid the tax of crores of rupees in your account.

On the other hand, when the income notice came to the vegetable seller’s house, the whole family lost ground. Vinod Rastogi is a businessman of vegetables. Rastogi belongs to an ordinary domestic family and runs a vegetable stall on the road.

But officials say that the vegetable trader has more than Rs 172 crore in his bank account, while Vinod says that he has been cheated, it is not his money. After the notice, Vinod has appealed to the police for help.

Vinod sought help while giving a complaint at Gahmar Kotwali and told that someone misused his documents and opened this account. Officials told that he has Rs 172 crore 81 lakh 59 thousand in his account and this amount has been deposited in his account through cheque.

At the same time, Kotwali in-charge Inspector Pawan Kumar Upadhyay told that the matter is of cybercrime, so Vinod was sent to cyber cell. After investigating the whole matter, it will be known whose account it is and how this money came into the account.

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